Caitlyn Marsh has been managing the clay studio at The Umbrella Community Arts Center in Concord, MA since 2007. She has taught many classes for many ages, including advanced summer intensives and drop-in quick workshops. Caitlyn fires a gas and electric kilns for the clay program, she also has a studio and fires for herself.

In 2006 Caitlyn graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and continues to be involved at MassArt. She has taken workshops with Hayne Bayless, Chris Gustin, Bryan McGrath, Doug Casebeer, Maureen Mills, and Jeremy Randall. She also had an opportunity to work one season at LaCoste Gallery. Caitlyn attended NCECA Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Providence. She instructed a ceramic workshop at the Boston Children’s Museum with Stephanie Themelese, and has helped other clay programs at summer camps of other art organizations.

Caitlyn’s ceramic art can be purchased at a number of places in Massachusetts. The museum shop of Fuller Craft Museum has a selection of her newest pots from her most recent high fire. Attleboro Arts Museum gift shop carries a small collection of functional pieces.  Artists Corner & Gallery in West Acton is a new gallery that recently received several small sets of work, and selected Caitlyn as the first prize winner from the April 2016 exhibition “Blue”. Look for Caitlyn’s pots at MassArt during the MassArt Made Holiday and Spring Sales annually. Twice a year The Umbrella has open studio events, Winter Market & April Open Studios, where both the gallery and her studio have her artwork on exhibit. Noa Designs in West Concord is now carrying her work too.

State of Clay Juror Wayne Higby awarded her a JUROR’S PRIZE this past June at Lexington Arts & Crafts Society.

Caitlyn hosts an Empty Bowls Project every Fall at The Umbrella. Hundreds of clay bowls are made for our event, and invite the community to donate money to help our local food pantry Open Table of Concord while they get to enjoy a free meal and keep the bowl. This event is always the First Thursday of November at The Umbrella, join us next time!


Anyone interested in hand crafted and hand painted ceramics, visit her at studio #105 at The Umbrella Community Arts Center in Concord, MA. All work is fired by Caitlyn and she makes her glazes herself. All artwork on this site she photographed. The portrait photos are courtesy of John Burke.